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The rebirth of a brand
Shoe and leather goods brand Mysuelly is returning for summer 2017 with a new collection that is both chic and full of freshness.

Founders Geraldine and Adelaïde continue to flourish in their role as artistic directors for the brand. Meanwhile, the Jonak Group will optimise management, communications and distribution to raise the exquisite brand to the next level, both nationally and internationally, and establish it as a benchmark for affordable luxury accessories.

This will strengthen the brand’s identity in years to come, thanks to the creative bias of the historic team as well as investments in marketing, particularly e-marketing and social media – both areas that are at the very heart of the Group’s strategy. The e-shop will open in February and will be supported by a number of communication 2.0 mechanisms.
The products
The brand is just as charming on the street as it is on the red carpet, as it proved when it was launched in 2009 featuring rich, original, colourful materials, a worked design, and structured shapes, and reflecting the style of the times – each piece a gem that no woman could live without.

The creators dream up shoes and bags, but always with a view to adding an extra touch of refinement, a sophistication that is pushed to the extreme. Special attention is given to finishing touches and details. The gold buckles and clasps are an integral part of the brand signature. They highlight the desire for self-expression and the self-confidence that set each Mysuelly woman apart.

Mysuelly is set to become the accessories brand everyone will be talking about in 2017, offering unique products at affordable prices, fun, timeless, elegant collections, and that subtle touch of the 50’s that is so dear to the creators.
The artistic directors
Adélaïde and Géraldine two women who create while always keeping women in mind... Adélaide, former fashion editor and trained stylist
Géraldine, former image director and director of communications for several fashion houses.
The perfect duo: both brilliant and complementary.A shared passion for fashion, but especially accessories, essential as they are to bringing any outfit to life. One wish: never to relegate accessories to the rank of mere accessories! And, of course, to highlight them gently so as to bring them into the foreground, making them an intense, essential element of every woman’s silhouette.
Their inspirations: travel, art and street art photography.
Their travels were the source of inspiration for the wealth of materials, colours and fabrics the pair draw on for their creations. They also refined their completely unique knack for combining materials and prints in city streets, from Chiang Mai to Sydney, Budapest to Cape Town and Saint Petersburg to Buenos Aires